About us

Sahar, a non-profit organization based in Israel, was established in 2000 to provide anonymous, instantaneous, free-of-charge on-line assistance to people experiencing emotional distress.  All of our free-of-charge services are provided by trained volunteers who undergo massive training, lead by mental health professionals, before they can provide direct support for those in need.

To fulfill its mission, Sahar provides the following services: 

Personal Chat: on-line support conversations with Sahar crisis volunteers providing an attentive listening ear, assistance and support. 

Support Forums: Sahar provides a meeting place for non-synchronized support groups open and accessible to interested parties 24 hours a day and supervised by Sahar crisis volunteers who also enforce forum rules. 

E-Mail Support: connection and support through electronic mail 24/7. 

Support services for website and chat room owners and moderators. 

Our website which offers articles and links to assistance organizations.

Sahar association is an active member of the National Council for Suicide Prevention. It has also received the 1st place for non-commercial websites by Ynet, Israel's leading news portal. It also received the Health Minister's Shield for Volunteering.