About us

Sahar – Online Mental Health Support was established in 2000 and is an Internet-based emotional support and suicide prevention organization in Israel (non-profit). We provide anonymous, confidential and free crisis support via a chat hotline (in Hebrew and in Arabic), e-mail and support forums, and actively surf websites and social media to detect distress messages, provide crisis intervention and alert the police in cases of imminent risk for injury or suicide. Sahar also runs a content rich website with links to mental health services and a podcast covering mental health topics. All services are provided free of charge by 180 trained volunteers in crisis intervention, who receive year-round guidance and supervision by a team of mental health professionals.

Sahar is the only organization in Israel specializing in online-only support for mental health and emotional wellbeing needs. 

Organizational accreditations include:

  • Membership of the National Suicide Prevention Council and advisory to government ministers and legislature on issues relating to suicide prevention.
  • Formal support agent for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and a partner organization in Facebook's Suicide Prevention Center in Israel.
  • Recipient of the Health Minister’s Shield for Volunteering and Midot Seal of Effectiveness proving ability to create social value and positive change.
  • Publication of research conducted in collaboration with Geha Mental Health Center on suicide related calls during COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, one of the top ten science journals in the field of mental health.

In 2020, Sahar volunteers provided support to 26,714 children, adolescents, adults and seniors experiencing emotional distress and saved 342 lives. 

It is expected that the number of people in need of mental health support will continue to grow in the aftermath of COVID-19. Sahar's service is a lifeline to people of all ages and has become essential during this exceptionally difficult time. 


You may contact us at: support@sahar.org.il